Black Cherry’s NY Art Week Highlights

My top picks from VOLTA, Frieze and NADA.

What a whirlwind the past few days have been! Over the weekend, I ventured into Chelsea to experience the latest & greatest in visual art during NY Art Week. My ambition led me to three fairs over two days – VOLTANADA, and Frieze. My weekend frolicking around Chelsea while dodging rain puddles was well worth it because it reminded me of what’s possible when creative ideas are brought to life from the artist & gallerist perspective. Most importantly, I had the chance to discover new artists & galleries like Situations & their booth featuring Faye Wei WeiFelix Beaudry, and Abdolreza Aminlari, and finally see some artists’ work in person for the first time — for instance, Naudline Pierre’s paintings & Frida Orupabo‘s collage work; those were some special moments. 

This year, I entered my fair escapades with a few goals, and the most important yet simplest was…discovery. Meeting new people, discovering artists, learning about new galleries, and maintaining an open mind are all things I can say I proudly accomplished. Below are a few Black Cherry picks from NY Art Week – enjoy!


Galerie Thomas Fuchs
Jochen Mühlenbrink
WP (Cut) (2023)
Lee & Bae
Seontae Hwang
Space with sunlight (2022)


James Cohan
Naudline Pierre
Teach Me How (2023)
Ortuzar Projects
Takako Yamaguchi
Victoria & Whiskey (1995)
Jenkins Johnson Gallery
Mary Lovelace O’Neal
TID – Obviously Red (circa 1990s)
Matthew Marks Gallery
Alex Da Corte
Anti-Hero (2022)
Issy Wood
“Two dreams one nightsweat” (2022)
Hauser & Wirth
Jack Whitten
The Mingo Altarpiece: For George Mingo 14 September 1950 – 6 December 1996 (1996)

Tiwani Contemporary
Emma Prempeh
Steal The Rum Cake From The Kitchen (2023)

Company Gallery
Tosh Basco
Sanguine (2023)

Modern Art
Frida Orupabo
Parasomnia (2022)


Nevena Prijic
Fluid Forest (2023) 

Carvalho Park
Guillaume Linard Osorio
Hypothesis 5 (2023)
Rachel Uffner Gallery
Talia Levitt
A Day in mid December (2023)

Rachel Uffner Gallery
Sacha Ingber
The Public Pool (2023)

David B. Smith Gallery
Yvette Mayorga
Voyage to the Pink Castle from the Surveillance Locket Series (2023)
LaKela Brown
Doorknockers Composition with Three Gold Impressions and Egyptian Royalty (2023)

Franz Kaka
Michael Thompson
Swift Plays Ploy (2022)
Felix Beaudry
Final Fern (2022)

Faye Wei Wei
(L) Gossamer Sun Set (2023); (R) Sleeping Nightingale (2023)

Halsey McKay Gallery
David Kennedy Cutler
Ensamble (Study) (2023)

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